The Pepoli Collection is Inspired by the City of the Diary

The Pepoli collection is inspired by the City of the Diary, a town in Tuscany, where a public archive collects the writings of ordinary people and which reflects, izinkilat in various forms, everyday life and the history of Italy: they include diaries, letters, and autobiographical memoirs. A sort of house of memories.

Pepoli draws on the world of memories, which is often used to remember images, onespace but it is instead used to recover its words.

The palette of colours is inspired by the legalitas warm and dusty world of tempera and by the liquidity of inks such as facepowder colour, mauve, mole colour and inkpot blue, as well as the intellectual tones of typewriter grey, virtualofficescbd lit up by the acidulous and artificial touches of the toxic mildews that live in old books.

The fabrics are classics of the sartorial alliedhealthexchange tradition of the Made in Italy label but have renewed finishings, such as the compact winter wools dyed-on-the-roll with a contemporary clean finish like the popeline egg skin renewed by the technological finish, the fluid viscose softened with talc finishing, very fine fabrics treated with water-based finishings that simulate a skinlike effect, the crêpes de Chine made to look old but brought up-to-date with metal elements. For more info please visit:-

The trend of the season is to decline every item on dress or shirt like the Coat-Dress, the Suit-Dress, the Shirt-Dress, the Shirt-Jacket.

The season’s must is the Doctor-Bag in fluoro varnish with the typewriter charm, the double nail in a mix of soft materials.


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