POWER-MAN – Forging The Identity And Attitude Fueling Extreme Personal Success

When you think about you, and what you can do, what comes up in your mind? I mean, how do you see yourself? How do you mentally position your level of capability? Capacity for growth, improvement and success? Current strength level (physical and emotional), habitforge and capacity to become even stronger? Capacity to advance, and press into even higher, and more substantive life impact/personal triumph realms?

Yes – how do you truly see you? Feel about you, and your potential? Indeed, RedLasso what specific belief structure do you allow to define – and regularly animate – your self impression, and emotional state?
Hmmm. Never thought about this before? Or, never thought about this remotely deeply before? Well then; just who are you? What are you? What’s your base of identity? Personality? What, in fact, theconversationprism is your purpose for living?!

What version of your self do you extend out into the world, and embrace as self perception when you say “I”? And, is this “I”- by virtue of solid awareness of actual aptitude and capacity – purposefully self tailored? Self reinforced, and expanded upon? Decidedly positive/personal growth inclined? Or reflective of one who, though being minimally self defined and established, softwareglimpse finds themselves an effect — an effect of the ideas, structures and will of others? (Instead of being the cause of what happens?) One who “waits to see” what others do, produce or demonstrate — and then reacts to this? (Instead of naturally, deliberately being a personal success/increase initiator?)

Hey — really let yourself think about these latter concepts – being more-so an effect than a cause in your life (indeed, of your life). And being more-so a reactor instead of an initiator. Then, IT Support Manchester think of your current self concept and you’ll make what I call the transforming, true self liberating discovery, which is:

The way you’ve defined you (or have mindlessly allowed yourself to be defined) determines your personal impact in life. And this includes the size and power of your body, bank account, life success level, and degree of life effectiveness.

You’re either a Power-Man – a self and personal life creator. Or, Translation Service you are an “Effect- Man”…someone who “tries”, “hopes”, “wishes”, and “dreams” but is essentially “just along for the ride”! Yeah, a condition where you’re not where you keep saying you want to be (complaining that the world doesn’t give you the “breaks” you want/need in order to progress) — instead of breaking the self and world concept you’ve created — and, by virtue of a re-defined self, then breaking on through to the realms you not only just “want”, but at a very real inner point, sense are possible for you!

Power-Man – self and personal life and creator. Or, duclarion “Effect – Man”…shaped, molded, and allowing themselves to be defined by what has happened in their past, and what they experience happening around them now!

Which do you want? Ah, Power-Man? I thought so. As such, I’ll now give you a 5 factor Self Concept Re-Tooling Framework you can use to dramatically build up your impression of self. Yes, louisvillecardinal and to do this in a way which moves you from “effect” of what was, to cause of what is. From “reactor” to Power-Man Life Increase and Success Initiator!

Interested? Thought you might be. So first, carefully read through the following Self Concept Re-Tooling Framework factors. Then, apply – and richly live – each exactly as outlined.
The New Power-Man Self Concept Re-Tooling Framework

1.) Upgrading – And Power Infusing – Your Current Self Impression

Really think; how do you currently see yourself? Is it the embodiment of strength? Capability? Effectiveness? Dynamism? Filled with the capacity to improve, advance and decisively triumph? Or, is it low ebb compared to these preceding factors? Or…do you have any kind of clear, decisive self impression at all?

“Hey; I’m just – you know – an average, ordinary, regular guy — I guess I see myself as that.”
Actually, average, ordinary and regular is either your choice or habit – your unquestioned image habit allowance. Because there have been times in your life when you’ve either said, done or achieved the exceptional; haven’t there! (Yes – there have!)

And, what would happen if the you embodied within these times was how you purposefully chose to see yourself? How you see you has a direct correlation to how you impact (or don’t impact) life. It also has a direct bearing upon how the world sees you.

Power-Man sees himself as a “can do, will do, immigration medical doctor wholly expect to succeed” person. This is the impression he upholds as defining him and his capacity. And this also justifiably exists within you; awaiting for you to now recognize, unite with, and use it to upgrade your personal self image.

So, recall the very last time you said or did the exceptional – yes — the extraordinary. You know – that very last time when you boldly stood up, spoke up, acted up, and produced a masterful, decisive impact life result. You didn’t wait, flake out or feign away; you were singularly – courageously – proactive. And your quality of effort produced an outcome vastly superior to that of the “ordinary” you.

Once you’ve mentally isolated this time, imaginatively zoom in on yourself. And notice:

A.) The specific look upon your face

B.) Your body posture

C.) The kind and quality of energy surging though you

D.) What the look upon your face seemingly communicates to the entire world

about you, your ability, and your intent

Keep clearly focused upon this you. And while remaining focused upon them, replicate and project each of A-D above.

Hold this self impression foremost in your thoughts (while replicating its specific A-D dynamic), and firmly say to yourself “This me is a decided part of me; I can choose to see me this way…from now on!”

Perform this self impression upgrade upon awakening in the morning, and before going to bed at night. And very quickly, you’ll start naturally seeing yourself as this you – this Power- Man designated you – exclusively!

2.) Anchor, And Remain Emotionally Fueled By The Maximum You!

If there was one single most definitive time of you generating extraordinary personal impact in your life, what would this be? I mean, the most irrefutable and decisive time of you demonstrating a result, or results, that were clearly fueled by amazing courage, initiative, will, purpose, conviction, and the passionate refusal to accept anything less than total personal triumph.

As you search your memory banks, you will become aware of this time of extraordinary personal impact in your life. Perhaps, for you, it was in a business situation? Or, a trying domestic situation? Or, an entrepreneurial situation? Or, in a workout/training situation? Or, in a pressing relationship situation? Or, in a military service situation? Or, within a personal improvement process situation? Or, within a competitive sports situation? Or, within a personal need or survival situation?

Whatever this one most definitive time of you generating extraordinary personal impact was…you’ll now use the sensory power within its stored memory as success stimulating fuel. (Perform the following for 5 consecutive days in the evenings, and you’ll have it nailed.)


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